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How Healium Works

Immersive Meditation with Biofeedback & Neurofeedback
Remove the Mystery of Meditation

With the power of your mobile device or a virtual reality headset, you can think of Healium as your journey towards rediscovering and training your own brain. Finally, you have a neurofeedback device at home enhancing your focus on your mental health and helping educate your family or workplace about the importance of mental fitness.

Both our virtual reality (VR) and mobile augmented reality (AR) meditation apps pair with external neurofeedback or biofeedback wearable devices to train and reward your ability to calm or focus yourself.

No matter which Healium app you’re using, as you reach states of focus or quiet mind, the biofeedback and neurofeedback wearables pick up pattern changes and transform the meditation experience as gentle feedback to you.

In other words, your body’s electricity fuels these healing journeys, while your data dashboard helps you track your progress over time.

First things first

Some Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know
What’s Neurofeedback / Biofeedback? Accordion state arrow

Simply put, these terms mean “data coming from your body’s electrical activity,” also called biometric data.

Neurofeedback is the process of measuring your brainwaves, typically accomplished through a neurofeedback device with EEG  sensors (such as the Brainlink Lite EEG Headband) and giving you a feedback signal so you can better understand the data. Typically, the feedback is in the form of visual cues.

Biofeedback, meanwhile, is a more general term to describe data coming from your body at large. Do you use an Apple Watch to measure your heart rate? If so, you’re utilizing a simple form of biofeedback!


Why Immersive Media with VR or AR? Accordion state arrow

The brain believes what it sees. VR and AR each boast unique ways of engaging users through immersive media. While wearing a VR headset, for example, the user is completely surrounded by content; eliminating distractions, notifications, and disruptions. When the content is designed well or contains nature-based scenery, it can have a profoundly positive effect on the user.

What’s the difference between AR and VR?  We explain AR vs. VR here. 

How Does Healium Help Me? Accordion state arrow

No matter which Healium app you’re using, Healium grants you the ability to harness your body’s electricity in real-time to make you more self aware of your brain patterns and heart rate so you can learn to self-regulate your calm and focus.

Healium is validated in 7 peer-reviewed journals and proven to contribute to your mental fitness by:

Sleepium VR App
How Healium Works

Your brain is a muscle. Healium is your workout.

Healium removes the mystery surrounding meditation where you wonder…am I doing this right? You finally have data to track progress, drive motivation, and train your mental fitness.

But, data is only useful if you know how to use it!

Healium helps you understand your brainwave data by providing a baseline, a glowing aura that changes color with your brainwaves, a Healium score after each session, and brain pattern data in your data dashboard. Keep in mind, Healium and its compatible wearables are not diagnostic. They’re self awareness tools that enable feedback so you can learn to self-regulate. Afterall, how are you supposed to learn to control what you can’t SEE? Healium allows you to see your feelings.

How Our Virtual Reality App Works

Our virtual reality meditation experiences are beautiful, nature based escapes that have the option to be powered by your brainwaves in order to train specific aspects of your mental fitness such as your feelings of focused calm.

Step By Step

Before you begin Healium training, you’ll wear the BrainLink Lite EEG headband and then put on your favorite VR headset, like a Meta Quest 2 or Pico goggles, over the headband. Healium’s software measures your baseline brainwaves by gathering data from the BrainLink wearable. This baseline is unique to you; think of it as your “before picture”. Your baseline is a rough snapshot of your brain’s electrical activity without trying to change it. You can reset your baseline at any time by clicking the “reset baseline” button at the bottom of your menu.

As the experience proceeds, a colorful aura glows green or gold based on real-time data captured from your brainwaves. The more it glows green, the more successful you are at meeting the focused calm protocol, developed by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Jeff Tarrant.

focus to calm

If your aura glows gold, your focused-calm has dipped below your starting threshold. That’s your neurofeedback signal letting you know you need to make some adjustments in order to shift your brainwaves into a more focused calm state. It could be as simple as taking a deep breath, following our breath pacer, relaxing your shoulders, or focusing on an element in the VR experience.

How to Train Your Mental Fitness in VR

The VR experience you choose in the main menu will vary based on your ultimate goal. Our content is divided into five meditation categories: focus, calm, mindfulness, positivity, and sleepium

Let’s say you want to improve your feelings of focused calm. As the experience begins, your aura glows more green depending on the performance of your brainwaves associated with the focused calm protocol. Green is good!

easy and medium vr meditation

At the end of the session, you’ll get a Healium score and a grade depending on the percentage of time you spent above your baseline. 

woman with BrainLink on ipad using Healium

How Our Mobile Augmented Reality App Works

You can experience the benefits of Healium without even purchasing a virtual reality headset! To train on the go (or take a quick mental fitness break during the day) all you really need is a smartphone or tablet.

Step By Step

Our mobile augmented reality app is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets. It pairs with biometric data wearables like an Apple Watch (for heart rate) or the BrainLink Lite EEG headband (for brainwaves) to determine your progress.

Note: Both our mobile augmented and virtual reality apps work with the neurofeedback Brainlink Lite EEG Headband . More wearables coming soon!

As your heart rate lowers or brainwaves change, the augmented reality environment responds accordingly. Train your brain and experience the power of Healium as you change the colors of a beautiful jaguar, illuminate the solar system, and hatch monarch butterflies.

Wendy views the Healium AR app while using her Apple Watch

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