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To Healium, the “I” in ROI also stands for impact.
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“Could a greater miracle take place than to look through each other’s eyes for an instant.”
Henry David Thoreau
Honor Everywhere

Founded by StoryUP Studios in 2015, Honor Everywhere is a VR alternative for terminally ill and aging veterans who aren’t able to physically travel to see their Wold War II, Vietnam, Korea, or Women’s Memorials in Washington, DC. If you know a Veteran who is not able to physically travel on an Honor Flight, please visit: honoreverywhere.com

Journey of Gold

Step inside the stories of the people in Congo who mine the gold that make your digital products possible.

by Light

A lack of safe, clean energy threatens to flood sacred lands for the Munduruku people in Brazil and endangers lives in Congo. Empowered by Light needs your support to bring power to the protectors of the planet:

Women in
Military Service

A VR film about Changing the Face of Courage

Gift of

The World Health Organization estimates more than 66.5 million people worldwide lack access to adequate mobility. PET stands for Personal Energy Transportation. The charity “Mobility Worldwide” makes 3 wheeled, hand cranked carts for victims of landmines, people with poor nutrition or other disabilities. It costs $300 to build and ship a PET cart. For more information, please visit mobilityworldwide.org

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