How to Wash Your Brain: COVID-19 Resiliency
Poor Mental Health Hygiene can lead to illness. You wash your hands but what if you gave the same attention to your brain?
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The science of Healium
Self Management
VR for Anxiety Reduction
Frontiers in Psychology published a study showing a reduction in anxiety after a 4 minute Healium experience. The study used quantitative EEG to measure the brain’s reaction. Read the full manuscript below.
VR for Positivity
The Journal of Neuroregulation published a study on Healium’s effect on a specific brain pattern associated with feelings of positivity.
VR for Stress Relief
A study published in the Scholarly Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences looked at Healium’s ability to quickly improve mood and reduce tension before blood donations.
VR for Empathy
This case study used quantitative EEG to examine changes to the anterior cingulate when watching a Healium virtual reality film.