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Healium Launches World’s First Reactive Media Platform for Apple Vision Pro

Stress Management channel allows you to SEE your feelings with Apple Watch

Written by Sarah Hill
February 2nd, 2024


(Feb 2, 2024 Columbia, MO) Healium today enters a new era of spatial computing with the launch of its immersive media channel uniquely powered by Apple Watch on the Apple Vision Pro. Healium’s stories and technology combined with the spatial computing power of Vision Pro turn heart rate data from the Apple Watch into spatialized and animated media assets you can see and learn to control. No longer is heart rate just a flat number or vibration strapped to your wrist, Healium’s core technology turns bio-data into something you can see, feel, and learn to self-regulate. The Healium experience reacts to you. And, it’s immersive! Apple Vision Pro with Healium’s app seamlessly blend digital content with your physical space. It’s an infinite canvas that transforms how you use the apps you love. 


Stress is a $300 B profit and people killer responsible for 60% of all illness and disease. In 8 peer-reviewed journals, Healium has been shown to quickly reduce anxiety or improve mood in as little as 4 minutes. 


Healium apps are used worldwide in areas of trauma, natural disasters, and situational stress to quickly downshift the nervous system in a drugless way. Its mental fitness products are popular with Veterans and active duty military personnel for burnout, schools for student wellness, trauma survivors, nurses for compassion fatigue, and with elite athletes at NFL and MLB teams. 


Healium’s stories on the Apple Vision Pro are both beautiful and memorable to create stored memories you can recall later in stressful situations. Float through the Aurora Borealis with whales, illuminate a crystal forest, or watch your heart rate surround a tree of life. These stories are powered by you!


You’ll find Healium on the Apple app store by searching HEALium in Apple Vision Pro or on your mobile device.


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Written by Sarah Hill
February 2nd, 2024
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