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How Long Do the Effects of Healium Last?

It’s one of our most commonly asked questions: how long does it last?

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
August 6th, 2020

While Healium is not a treatment for anxiety or depression, it is an effective self-management tool in both acute and chronic stress situations. Our virtual and augmented reality app is accessible, easy to use, and widely available. Available for a free download for anyone with a mobile device, the Healium AR app can be quickly deployed for a quick mental health break and used anywhere. Healium VR, with its immersive content, has a more transportive effect. It’s an evidence-based intervention in three peer-reviewed journals.      


A question we’re frequently asked is “how long does it last?” In a world of chronic pain, stress epidemics, and burnout, it’s an understandable question. We’re all looking for safe, alternative solutions to these troubling issues. When we created Healium, we too were searching for a low-risk solution without medication. 


CEO Sarah Hill likens the effects on your mental wellbeing to the feeling of a walk in the park or a warm bath. It doesn’t last forever but after a stressful day, it’s welcome virtual peace. Let’s take a deeper look into which situations Healium can be used and how long those benefits can last.  



Use Healium in moments of acute stress

Downshifting the stress response in the moment is important whether that be a difficult work situation or your neighbor’s annoying music.  For Beth’s daughter who was experiencing a panic attack following a car accident, using the Healium AR app provided relief. “She could breathe, she could swallow, she was calm, smiling, laughing and we were both at a state of peace.”


While using Healium doesn’t cure or treat anxiety or panic attacks, it can help the user self-manage their stress. In Beth’s case, the effects lasted long enough to help her daughter learn how to self-regulate herself into a state of calm. 


Use Healium to self-manage chronic stress to build mental resilience

Anxiety, addiction, and pain are the 21st-century epidemics. With up to 90% of doctor visits attributed to stress, it’s no stretch to conclude chronic stress leads to poor health. Fortunately, your brain is a muscle that can be trained to be stronger in the face of stress.


When using Healium, the effects can last up to five days if you continue to use the experiences. To help build mental resilience, Healium is best used consistently over time. 


Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Jeff Tarrant, says, “one thing that we want to do with our work is to help people build that resiliency so that over time they can hold onto those positive benefits for longer and longer periods. In that regard, it really can be mental training. You’re training your physiology and nervous system to be able to sustain these positive benefits for longer periods of time. “


The data dashboard will show longitudinal data for a single user over time increments such as one day, one week, one month, and even a year.


As you train your mind with mental fitness, your practice can help build mental resilience. Just like in physical weight training, it takes a while to build strength and muscle to work up to the heaviest weights. You can’t lift the heaviest weights after your first workout, but with continued use, you can build strength and muscle. Think of Healium as your dumbells to learn to self-manage your stress and anxiety. With regular use, it can make you stronger. 

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
August 6th, 2020
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