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The BrainLink Lite EEG Headband: A New Wearable to Power Healium

Meet the BrainLink Lite: An EEG headband used to monitor your brainwaves. Healium and BrainLink work together to boost your mental fitness based on your brain activity.

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
May 22nd, 2020

What is an EEG headband?

An EEG headband is a consumer-grade wearable device for electroencephalography. The headband records the electrical activity of the brain by using EEG sensors placed along the forehead to detect brain activity. The wearable device then communicates with a program or app to interpret the data into valuable information for the user. Just like a smartwatch can give you insight into your heart rate, an EEG headband can tell you more about your brain activity and cognitive state when used with Healium.


The BrainLink Lite EEG headband is a soft leather headband using three gold-plated copper sensors to monitor your brainwaves. There are two regular sensors and one reference sensor. BrainLink Lite is sleek, adjustable, and worn comfortably across the forehead. The headband easily fits adults and children over five years old. (Healium content is designed for individuals over the age of 8). The power pod is removable and rechargeable.


woman wearing a BrainLink headband


How to use a BrainLink Lite EEG headband with Healium

Your brain is a muscle. Think of the BrainLink headband and Healium as workout tools to improve your mental fitness. The BrainLink headband gathers your brainwave data in near-real time to give visual feedback and power Healium experiences. 


After the initial connection inside our virtual or augmented reality app, the BrainLink will gather your baseline for the first 20 seconds. Your baseline is unique to you. It captures your brain activity at a resting rate. You’re not trying to focus or calm your thoughts.


When you begin a virtual or augmented reality experience while using the EEG headband, you’ll see a thin white line which represents your baseline. Additionally, you’ll see a glowing firefly moving along your baseline. The firefly position indicates your brainwave state in the focused calm protocol, designed by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Jeff Tarrant. When the firefly moves above the baseline, you’re training your brain into a focused calm state.  When it dips below the baseline, it’s an indicator that you need to shift your brain wave activity. Try taking a few deep breaths or recall a calming memory. As long as you remain above your baseline, you’re successfully shifting your brainwave patterns in the desired direction.



The EEG headband personalizes the experiences by using additional visual feedback such as stopping and starting the experience, changing the color, or transforming the virtual environment in other ways. When using our augmented reality app for your mobile device, you use your brainwaves to hatch butterflies, illuminate the solar system, and more.


In essence, this is neurofeedback. The BrainLink headband is a self-awareness tool for brain training. Training your brain can help you improve in areas such as focus, athletic readiness and recovery, memory, and more. From beautiful waterfalls to relaxing lakes and swirling snowflakes, Healium’s nature-based experiences are clinically validated escapes shown in four peer-reviewed journals to improve mood in as little as four minutes. 

Compatibility and Connection

Compatible with Healium virtual reality for Oculus and Pico VR headsets

Compatible with Healium augmented reality for iOS and Android

Bluetooth 4.0 or later

Range: up to 32 feet

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, MAC OS


Battery and Charging

Lithium 3.7V 160mAH

Standby: Lasts 7-8 hours

Connected: Lasts 4-5 hours

Input: 5VDC/500mADC-1000mADC

USB powered (non-standard)

Charging time: 1-1.5 hours or until the red light goes off. 

Low power checking: 4 beeps


Dimension and Weight

Size: 15.5 in. elastic band

Weight: 1.4 oz.

Color: Black and white

Material: PC/ABS/Leder/Gold plating


For troubleshooting and connecting your BrainLink headband for the first time, follow these instructions or email us at hello@tryhealium.com. If you wrinkle your forehead or have a lot of movement, you will see artifacts or the connection flatline.


Note: BrainLink is not a diagnostic or treatment tool.  Think of the EEG feedback as self-awareness that displays a representation of your feeling state. It will not tell you if you have anxiety or depression. If you have questions about your mental health state, please consult a medical or neurofeedback professional who can give you a brain map with a full 19 sensor EEG cap.

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
May 22nd, 2020
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