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Welcome to Heal U.

The power of healing comes from within. Your thoughts and feelings have a profound effect on your physical body. Empower yourself with knowledge through these self-guided courses and informational videos.

Think of meditation like training your brain. It’s a practice. It takes time and dedication, but it all starts with you.

In partnership with Dr. Jeff Tarrant from the NeuroMeditation Institute, we’ve developed several neuromeditation courses and helpful how-to’s so that you may improve your mental fitness.

Happy meditating.

Session One
Session Two
Session Three
Session Four
Women wearing oculus go headset in the hands folded meditation pose with getting started text overlay
Getting Started
woman wearing oculus headset with hands clasped in the meditation pose with text overlay
Accessing Positive Emotions
woman wearing an oculus go headset with text overlay that says loving kindness and self-compassion
Loving kindness & self-compassion
woman wearing an oculus go headset with text overlay that reads overcoming negativity
Overcoming negativity
Healium logo HOW TO
Healium + Wearables
Healium + Your Mind
How to use Healium and the BrainLink Lite EEG headband
How your mind powers Healium
What is neuromeditation?