The Healium Podcast

hosted by CEO, Sarah Hill

Sarah is talking on a mic to record the Healium Podcast

Welcome to The Healium Podcast

We started a podcast for devoted, curious fans like you. In the ultimate nerdy playdate, we invite guests to share what motivates them to succeed.  

Our guests will walk you through their insights in the XR industry, explain cyberdelics, share how they fight discrimination in the workplace, how they’re making achievements in life after prison, and more.

Why listen to The Healium Podcast?

As a woman-owned startup in the Silicon Prairie, we are the underdogs in many arenas. We’ve created a digital solution to those in need of calm and focus in this stress epidemic, including ourselves. By using our voices, we tell our stories on a platform where millions of people are already tuning in. We are opening the conversation up to guests to tell theirs too. Our guests come from XR, healthcare, and entrepreneurship, but they all have one thing in common. They believe in the power of positive mental health practices in a world where burnout is the norm. We may be underdogs but they see the potential of Healium. 

After listening to interviews with our guests, you’ll walk away with new ways to train up your mental wellness, learn alternative ways virtual and augmented reality is being used in parallel fields, and hear from people who have persevered despite the odds.

Have a suggestion for a guest or want to join us on our podcast?

We’re always looking for guests to join us in sharing more about their experiences in mental health, augmented reality, virtual reality, entrepreneurship wearables, and more. If you’d like to call in and share more, or if you know someone who you’d like to hear from, please email us at


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