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Sarah Hill, CEO & Chief Storyteller, Healium

Sarah Hill is the CEO of Healium, the world’s first biometrically-powered VR/AR immersive media channel controlled by the user’s brainwaves and heart rate via consumer wearables like fitness trackers. She tells stories with bio-data.

Hill developed Healium for herself as well as the 41 million others who struggle with anxiety and insomnia.

Hill holds several patents for biometrically-controlled media. Her XR experiences are clinically validated in peer-reviewed journals and have been viewed more than 7 million times.

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Hill’s Honor Everywhere Program

Healium’s roots are in virtual travel for Veterans. 

In 2015, Hill’s team built a program called “Honor Everywhere”, that uses virtual reality to allow aging Veterans the opportunity to see their WWII, Vietnam, Korea, & Women’s Memorials.

If you know of a Veteran who would like a 360-degree tour of their memorial, contact your local Honor Flight hub or email honoreverywhere360@gmail.com .

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