Healium for your school
Mental fitness training for your students

Healium is an engaging, training tool which helps students self-manage stress and anxiety by making them more self-aware of their brainwave states. These brain patterns associated with focused calm can better prepare students to overcome challenges in and out of the classroom.

Our nature-based VR experiences help students self-manage stress and anxiety while enhancing performance through mental fitness.

This isn’t meditation. Healium is visual, immersive, and active.
In fact, we’re the first clinically validated, virtual reality app powered by brainwaves from consumer wearables.

Virtual reality with a purpose

Healium uses the body’s own biometric data to let users control their VR environment.

When used with wearables like an EEG headband, variations in this data – like a shift in your brain waves – have a visual effect within the experience. This feedback teaches you what works for you in order to tap into that flow state.

With Healium, your thoughts have power.

Healium can be effective in improving mental fitness as well as overall mental health. Because it doesn’t just help reduce stress and anxiety, it may actually help show your body how.


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We just used them last week at a de-stress event in our Media Center/Library and offered it for students and staff throughout the day. EVERYONE LOVED THEM! I also left one of the headsets with our Differentiated Instruction Classroom for use for students with autism as a stress-reduction tool. I used Healium with an upset student in my office and it was a pretty quick and magical transformation from being down and out/bummed to a brighter/lighter mood. This is so COOL! I love the nature-based environments you’ve created.
Outreach Counselor
As I tried to calm my daughter during her panic attack, I remembered the Healium AR app & thought it was worth a try as she was wearing her Apple Watch. Within 60 seconds she was watching the first exercise of the butterflies starting to hatch. I sat there in awe watching as she listened to the calm voice on the app, followed all of the instructions, and hatched butterflies by lowering her heart rate. She could breathe, she could swallow, she was calm, smiling, laughing and we were both at a state of peace for the first time that day.
Beth Omecene Epperson
mother of a high school senior in the Kansas City area
Is Healium right for you?

Healium is designed to easily integrate into your existing student wellness program

–Multiple users can share one headset*

–Intuitive, easy-to-use technology 

–Sessions are self-guided

–Students can access their own data in a private dashboard

*using a standard hygiene protocol

Healium is versatile and can be used in physical education classes, on sports teams for mental readiness and recovery, and before each class to help students focus. Faculty and staff can also use Healium as part of an overall employee wellness program.

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