Next-Level Human Performance with Healium
You train your body, now it’s time to train your mind

To perform at your best, you need to understand your body and your mind. Give your athletes the competitive edge by using neurofeedback to speed recovery from training, improve their mental resilience, and optimize their focus when it’s time to perform.

Reach the next level of human performance

We combine clinically validated technology with the science of neurofeedback to create a tool that’s fun and engaging for athletes. By helping athletes learn to access their flow state (what we call focused calm), athletes can enhance the body’s natural recovery process, reduce the recovery time, prevent injuries, and maximize performance during their events.

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“I highly enjoyed my experience with Healium to unwind after a long day. I don’t meditate or dedicate any time toward relaxation so this was an easy way to quickly put me in a completely different mindset for recovery. The guided meditation was soothing and the visuals helped clear my head. This, combined with the breath work put me into a very relaxed state.”
Logan Pettit
“It’s awesome; I was blown away. We have a lot of people who need to calm down…it’s entertaining and it’s productive and I want to know, how do I get one myself…like, immediately!”
Daryl Nelson
Athletic Trainer
“Healium has reduced my blood pressure and my pulse by about 20 percent.”
Raj Shah
Chronic Pain Patient
“Healium is our hottest selling wellness product.”
Stephanie Herbert
Employee Assistance Executive
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What is Healium?

Empowering you to build resilience, unlock your potential, and improve performance one immersive journey at a time.

Healium is an immersive media platform designed to improve human performance and boost mood in as little as four minutes. Using brainwave data from an EEG headband and a virtual reality headset, you power the immersive, nature-based experiences with your mind. Guided voiceovers help you maintain flow. Keep your firefly above the baseline to meet the flow protocol. Remember–your thoughts have power.

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