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Whether you want to use Healium for engaging meditation, mental fitness, or focus training for human performance; this free trial will allow you to explore the possibilities of VR for your mental health and full potential. 

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–Video curriculum on neuromeditation

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Healium is my first real VR experience and it’s easy to use for what I call my own self-care. As someone who has managed with anxiety and depression my whole life, the experiences are calming, lovely, peaceful, and truly relaxing.
I ran through the Extended meditations (I am a meditator) and was just brought to tears. The stories, scenes, and music together were magical and incredibly peaceful.
Beth Savoldelli
She was having a full-blown panic attack. I will be forever grateful for the gift you gave us that night with your app…the whole world needs to know about it.
Beth Omecene Epperson
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