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Before, Carter built
his athletic success at the cost of everything else.

This time, he’s doing it differently.

Being game-day-ready involves more than physical training; it requires a healthy mindset.

Carter Arey’s early life was marked by an amputation that might have limited others but set him on a unique athletic journey.

His ensuing evolution from a young amputee to a Paralympian and adaptive golfer is not just a story of physical achievement but also one of mastering mental resilience. His rapid success, including joining Team USA and earning international accolades, was as much a testament to his physical skills as it was to his mental fitness.

“For most adaptive athletes, trauma is part of our story. The best we can do is never stop talking about the issues we face, support one another, and find resources like Healium that allow us to work towards alleviating
this burden.”

From Wheelchair
Basketball to Beyond

When Arey transitioned to adaptive golf, he was presented with new challenges, especially in mastering the game’s mental aspects.

Golf requires the ability to remain present, calm, and focused — to find and maintain flow amidst the competition’s pressures and personal expectations.

Arey uses Healium’s virtual reality and biofeedback tools to achieve the flow state necessary for peak golf performance, such as mindfulness, visualization, and stress management.

“When I’m playing golf, I don’t have time to practice or learn mindfulness techniques.

Healium gives me a practical way to practice the exact skills I need at those crucial moments on the course.”

Carter Arey

Professional Golfer

Healium is designed to support athletes like Arey in their quest for mental fitness and competition readiness. This preparation is critical for performing at the highest levels and ensuring that Arey’s approach to golf and competition is healthy and sustainable.

“Healium helped me rehearse the necessary skills to remain composed when faced with frustration during high levels of competition.”

“Post-Team USA, there was a lot of scar tissue, mentally.”
Three factors for success
Set your vision

Carter knew he needed help. So he started a free trial with Healium and used it to clear his mind and set the vision for his season.

Commit to your systems

Carter knew winning involved both mindset and physical prep, so he committed to using Healium routinely before and after games.

Create a lifestyle you love

Ask Carter what the best part about Healium is, and he’ll tell you that it’s the freedom and peace of mind that come with it. Carter knows what he wants, and he trains his mind to get it.

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Arey’s journey

Arey’s journey underscores the message that being game-day-ready involves more than physical training; it requires a commitment to mental health and developing strategies to manage emotions, focus attention, and enter the flow state for peak performance.

“Becoming an elite athlete requires the perfect storm of mental fortitude, high tolerance for discomfort, and athletic ability- like muscle response and body awareness.

Those things alone require an immense output from your entire body. And we’re never really taught how to recover after a practice or competition.”

“Healium allows my entire body to perform a full reset.
Its immersive nature is unlike any other when it comes to disconnecting my mind from my body.”

Carter Arey

Professional Golfer
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