Meet the BrainLink Lite: An EEG headband used to monitor your brainwaves. Healium and BrainLink work together to allow you to boost your mental fitness based on your brain activity.


If you’re calm or focused, BrainLink interprets your brainwaves to give visual feedback and power Healium experiences.


The soft leather headband uses three gold-plated copper sensors to monitor your brainwaves. There are two regular sensors and one reference sensor.


BrainLink Lite is sleek, adjustable, and worn comfortably across the forehead. The headband easily fits adults and children over 5 years old, so people of all ages can benefit from the biofeedback. 

woman wearing a BrainLink headband

Your brain is a muscle. Think of the BrainLink Lite and Healium as workout tools to improve your mental fitness.


When using Healium augmented and virtual reality apps, you’ll know that you’re hitting the mark for focus or calm when you see the firefly go above your baseline. 


see your feelings with neurofeedback


Healium’s virtual and augmented reality experiences can be used with or without the BrainLink Lite.


The EEG headband personalizes the experiences by using your own brain power to stop and start the experience, change the color, or transform the virtual environment in other ways.


From beautiful waterfalls to relaxing lakes and swirling snowflakes, Healium’s nature experiences are clinically validated escapes shown in three peer-reviewed journals to improve mood in as little as four minutes. 


Learn more about how to use BrainLink with Healium.


More Information about the BrainLink Lite:

Compatibility and Connection

Bluetooth 4.0 or later

Range: up to 32 feet

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows, MAC OS


Battery and Charging

Lithium 3.7V 160mAH

Standby: Lasts 7-8 hours

Connected: Lasts 4-5 hours

Input: 5VDC/500mADC-1000mADC

USB powered (non-standard)

Charging time: 1-1.5 hours

Low power checking: 4 beeps


Dimension and Weight

Size: 15.5 in. elastic band

Weight: 1.4 oz.

Color: Black and white

Material: PC/ABS/Leder/Gold plating


For troubleshooting and connecting your BrainLink headband for the first time, visit our FAQs for more information or email us at


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