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How does the experience react to your unique biometric data?

Our app allows you to use your biometric data within virtual and augmented reality. Here’s how you can see that visual feedback.

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
July 27th, 2021

When using Healium with a BrainLink Lite EEG headband, you’ll notice a thin, white line on the brain waves graph. This represents your baseline. The baseline information is collected for the first 20 seconds after pairing the BrainLink headband. Your baseline is
unique to you and it’s a visual representation of your brain waves at a resting state. When using an Apple Watch with our augmented reality app, the baseline represents your resting heart rate. 


To increase your focused calm feeling, you’ll want your firefly (glowing dot) to be above your baseline. But what happens when your firefly dips below your baseline? You’ll see a red tint over the experience in virtual reality (you can change it to black in the settings), Or in augmented reality just on your mobile device, you’ll see the elements in the scene change. For example, in our AR app, the sun in the solar system will not keep its illumination and will turn black. 



The red or black tint in virtual reality is one of the visual feedback elements we’ve designed in our app to let you know you need to reset your focus or shift your mindset to a more focused-calm state. Sometimes, it’s as easy as taking a deep breath but when you change the app settings to medium or hard, it becomes even more challenging to keep your firefly above the baseline. Healium isn’t meant to be just relaxing or engaging, it was designed as a training tool to improve your mental fitness. 


The benefit of the tint is that you don’t need to be looking at your brain waves graph during the experience. As virtual reality is designed to be experienced at every angle–above, below, behind–we want you to feel free to visually explore your immersive surroundings, even while training. 


In future experiences, such as the Jaguar where you can control your “stress animal”, the visual feedback will be more interactive. Instead of a tint, the Jaguar’s fur will change to red and orange colors while he becomes more agitated (pacing, running, growling). Its fur will change to blue as the user’s brainwaves shift to a more focused-calm state. 



Your Healium score represents the percentage of time your firefly was above the baseline. The higher the score, the better your focused-calm. However, if you’re consistently scoring in the 80-90 range, it might be time to increase the difficulty by raising your baseline in the app settings. 


Using the BrainLink Lite EEG headband gives you insight into your brain wave data in a simplified way. While it’s not diagnostic and only meant for self-awareness, when combined with Healium’s app and access to your data dashboard, you’ll be able to see how your brain waves fit into the different brain wave bands.


People are using Healium to improve their human performance, increase mental resilience, and shift into a focused calm state. Our unique visual feedback helps you understand in real time how your brain and heart are reacting to your thoughts to allow you to better reach your desired states of focused-calm. 


Your biometric data protection and privacy are one of our highest priorities. Read why we care so much about your privacy and review more about what we do and don’t collect in our privacy policy. A Healium pro subscription also gives you access to a data dashboard that allows you to track your progress over time. By comparing your Healium scores, you can even invite a friend to a mental fitness challenge.

Want to learn more about how Healium works? We’ve put together a guide here!

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
July 27th, 2021
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