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Everything You Need to Know About Our Biggest Update Ever

Our latest update includes an all-new data dashboard, breath pacer, and more. Find out how our app is changing to better meet your mental health needs.

Written by Bethany Schoengarth
October 26th, 2020

Our mission at Healium is to allow you to discover the healing powers inside yourself through fast-acting stress relief that allows you to escape your current reality.  Today, “healing” virtual worlds with your body’s electricity just got a lot easier! You asked for a dashboard that allowed you to track your brain patterns and heart rate over time. You asked for the ability to hot change live between brain patterns. We listened! 


Using your brain patterns and heart rate to control virtual worlds is new. We’re building the future of media interaction together.  As you use our technology, we want to know what you do and don’t want to see. This newest update is an innovative combination of your wants and our mission to empower you with mental wellness tools that work. That’s why we’re proud to announce our latest app update and its newest features built for you!


stress score

Track your sessions with your personalized data dashboard

Healium is an evidence-based intervention for mental wellness. We are proud to introduce the addition of a data dashboard which will allow you to track your individual sessions and individual brain patterns over time. Each session will be tracked in a dashboard that you can access both inside the app with a more detailed version on the web. Track your daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly scores so you can see your changes over time. 


After each session, you’ll see your scores displayed as a Healium stress resilience score, Calm score, or Focus score. 


Data ethics and privacy are something we strongly value. So much so, we spent more than a year researching with experts how we can safely allow you to track your brain patterns and heart rate over time. We don’t sell your data. We don’t have algorithms that are meant to feed an addiction. You’ll find our terms, conditions, and privacy policy here.


While seeing your own brain patterns and heart rate is powerful, there are limits to Healium’s technology. Healium is a self-awareness tool and not intended to treat or diagnose any medical condition. It’s not a replacement for psychotropic medication or professional counseling which is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 


The Healium score is for educational purposes and is indicative of stress resilience so the higher the score the better. The score is a metric for comparison against your previous sessions. Each user will have their own unique score. If you’re using an EEG headband, it’s based on your brain patterns associated with the stress response.


The Calm score is based on brain patterns associated with the stress response so the higher your calm score the better. The Focus score is based on brain patterns associated with focus so the higher your focus score the better.


In addition, you’ll be able to track your brain patterns…your alpha, beta, gamma, etc…over time, much like your own personal feeling mirror. 

stress scores

trend graph


Use the Breath Pacer to Improve Your Mind-Body Connection

 The Breath Pacer will automatically launch when you start a new experience. Connect your breath with the circle. As it expands, breathe in and as it contracts, let it all out. 

breath pacer


New pricing model

Just like you pay for a gym membership to keep your body physically fit, we offer a subscription plan to improve your mental fitness. The brain is a muscle and change takes time. Now, you can select the plan that’s right for your goals.


For AR only, without a wearable device, our app is free. Enjoy a variety of experiences and magic portals to take with you on-the-go.


Healium AR: For AR used with a wearable such as your Apple Watch or the BrainLink Lite EEG headband, the subscription starts at $9.99 per month. See how lowering your heart rate or using your brainwave patterns can influence the AR environment. Get access to your data dashboard after each session and revisit it again on the web or in-app to track your changes. 


Where to get it:  For iOS, download our app here or search Healium in the App Store. For Android, download our app here or search Healium in the Google Play Store. 


Healium VR and AR: For both VR and AR, the subscription is less than a dollar a day. For $29 a month, you get more than 25 VR experiences to choose from in the library with new content added every 60 days. You’ll have full access to our AR app with the use of a wearable integration as well. Use our patented technology to self-manage your stress, track your sessions via our data dashboard, and become more self-aware that your thoughts have power. 


Where to get it: For Oculus Go, search Healium in the Oculus Go store or see our listing here. It’s a free download. Upgrade within the app for access to pro features.


For Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, download our app via SideQuest using these instructions. It’s a free download. Upgrade within the app for access to pro features.

Pico Goblin coming soon…


new look

New look

In addition to new features, Healium is now more beautiful to experience. You’ll notice in the VR app there are larger thumbnails in the main screen. You still have the ability to toggle on and off many of the guided voiceovers. You’ll also be able to select whether you want calm or upbeat music. Additionally, you have the option to select how the Oculus controller is displayed in the Healium app. Choose from a magic wand, a flower, a tree branch, or the standard controller.


Mandalynth tracer

The remote control can be used as a visual aid in some experiences, depending on personal preference. For example, in the Mandalynth experience, use your selected controller to trace the Mandalynth and watch your Focus react in near real-time. 


New User Interface

Inside the new Healium app, it will now be easier to adjust difficulty settings and change brainwave protocols on the fly without having to exit the experience. Much like a bicycle, you can start on a calm protocol and then shift gears to power Healium with your focused brain patterns.


focus to calm

Not everyone’s brain patterns or heart rate are the same so using a simple slider, you can adjust your training level. For first time users, we recommend you start using Healium without a wearable. Then after you get comfortable with just watching the experiences, add your active brainwave input. Start at the easiest setting and gradually add difficulty. 

easy and medium 

We also have an exciting new feature to share with you at a later date. Sign up for our newsletter to get the exclusive insider peek… 


Have a feature you’d like to add or something about Healium that drives you nuts?

We value your feedback. We’re building this product for you. We can’t make Healium better without your feedback. 


Written by Bethany Schoengarth
October 26th, 2020