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3 Ways Helen Thrived in the Business World for Over 50 Years

Helen Fisher supports Healium as a Board Member and brings more than 50 years of wisdom and achievement as a business owner.

After building and managing businesses for more than 50 years, Helen Fisher decided it was time to find someone to invest in with the same driven mindset to make an enormous change in people’s lives. That’s why she knew her decision to support Healium was one she wouldn’t regret. Helen supports Healium with confidence knowing it not only allows people to take great control over their stress but also the hardest moments in life. 


Read more about how Helen arrived to where she is today, and what makes her qualified to be a trusted advisor for Healium.


Any business owner will admit how much work and sacrifice is put into building a successful business. Some will say being a woman and a successful business owner is even harder. Yet, Helen Fisher from Jefferson City, Missouri has worked in business for over 50 years owning 12 different businesses. She continues to share her knowledge about building a business of success, dealing with the stress of life, and why Healium is a great fit for everyone’s lives.  


Early entrepreneurship builds character 

Helen believes she was born with business running in her veins. At the age of ten, she found the need to make money. She read in the newspaper that people could have their own business selling newspapers. Determined, she signed up to begin her journey as a papergirl. “Only being ten years old, I quickly realized there was a lot more that went into a business than just giving out newspapers. I only had two neighbors within walking distance. I didn’t have any transportation to get me anywhere else, and quite frankly, I never saw anybody else. The two neighbors I could sell to didn’t even want to buy my newspapers,” Helen says.


Helen knew one day she would own a business. She studied Business in college and instantly fell in love with her classes. “I was good at business and bad at everything else. That’s how I knew,” Helen says. At the age of 21, she and her husband, Gary Fisher, moved to Kansas City where she started working as a secretary. She was ambitious and determined to be the best secretary in the building. Once she worked her way up to the max salary, she realized maybe she didn’t want to stop there. Helen and Gary decided they didn’t like corporate life and were not made to work under someone. They had big dreams and were determined to make them happen for themselves. 


Be willing to take risks 

“Everyone said we were crazy for leaving a good-paying job that offered benefits and retirement. Despite the negative opinions, we used every penny we saved in college and finally bought our own business. It wasn’t long until we were buying property to build another business and eventually eleven others. We bought and sold all kinds of businesses until we finally ended up with Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken,” Helen explains.


Helen Fisher and family at a ribbon cutting for her business

Pursue your dreams even when surrounded by skeptics

Helen became a successful female entrepreneur alongside her husband. “Gary and I were partners. I always looked at myself as an equal and was treated as an equal. I never in my life felt discriminated by my gender in the workplace. I had just as much responsibility and never thought of myself any less than a man,” Helen says.


Helen firmly believes if you’re going to compete in the business world you must think like an entrepreneur and a businessperson. There is no time to dwell on the false idea that you’re any less qualified or capable just because you’re a woman. Helen gives great insight on pursuing your dreams when surrounded by people who don’t have faith in you to make it happen. “The thing is if you’re willing to try and fail, to work and sacrifice, then you’re already halfway there.


You just have to jump in and say I’m going to give this everything I got.” Helen worked close to 100 hours a week with a baby on the way and no holidays or time off. While having her second son, she ran back to the restaurant to read out the cash registers before heading to the hospital. Within three or four days she was back at work with her newborn by her side.



Thoughts after retirement  

Retired, Helen now has a passion for teaching women how to live a meaningful life full of joy, peace, and comfort. She has learned through the experiences of life that this world can be very difficult, and the search for meaning and peace is continually sought after. She has a passion for helping people understand how to not waste their lives but instead find ways to carry on. “I found that by following the Lord and learning how our brains function, it holds the answers to how to live a great life. I know helping people with the Biblical knowledge I’ve learned from the mentors in my life can and does change lives forever. You can’t do it without God.” Helen says. 

Helen Fisher and family 


One of Helen’s best ways of dealing with stress is remembering that life is a much bigger picture than the little things that happen. “Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you react to what happens to you.” She explains how we must understand how God wants us to react to situations and find peace within the storm. Helen says, “People who are dealing with stressful situations have to understand that life isn’t centered around you. It’s about responding in ways that God calls you to respond. He will give you peace and knowledge of how to handle the stress within your life.”



Healium is a low-risk wellness tool

Helen expresses her desire for people to use Healium, “I’ve done a lot of personal studying on how the brain works. It’s been my hobby for years. I’ve read great amounts of research about the pharmaceuticals and what they give individuals dealing with anxiety and depression. They are making billions of dollars off these drugs knowing they don’t work. I’ve lost friends due to this very thing. Virtual and augmented reality are safe alternatives to these drugs.”


For Helen, Healium brings healing and freedom to people’s lives. 


 This article was written by Victoria Fisher, Helen’s grand-daughter. 

Written by Victoria Fisher
July 16th, 2020
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