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Your Virtual Vacation with Healium is Booked

Vacations are put on hold, but that doesn’t mean you can’t escape. Use virtual reality to make it happen.

Written by Victoria Fisher
June 25th, 2020

In the time of extreme uncertainty that we are in, it’s hard to be at peace. When life becomes a headache, people tend to find a way to escape. Vacations give individuals the chance to pack up, head to a relaxing destination, and leave their stress behind.


Due to COVID-19, vacations all over the world have been put on hold, with the unknown of when it will be safe to travel again. Fortunately, Healium gives individuals the opportunity to safely take a vacation right from their own home. 


With virtual and augmented reality, it’s not necessary to leave your home to experience a new place and clear your mind. Healium provides the opportunity to escape life’s repetitiveness and experience beautiful destinations while gaining inner peace.


Your mind has the power to create adventure and healing anywhere you are – don’t let the pandemic convince you your brain is limited. 


Here are five of Healium’s numerous relaxation stories you can take virtually to provide a vacation during this high-stress time. 



Beach Guided Relaxation 

The Beach Guided Relaxation is the perfect story to escape to paradise from the comfort of your own home. On a secluded beach all to yourself, in front of you lies a beautiful crystal clear ocean surrounded by mountains and a sandbank behind you.


The story leads you through a guided relaxation making you aware of your body, how it holds tension, and how to release it. When giving close attention to the bright colors in the sky and the light reflecting on the water, you begin to release negative emotions and gain happiness within. 


As you listen and pivot your focus from the sound of the waves calmly hitting the shore and the birds chirping freely, a rush of peace is created. You can almost feel the sun rays hitting your skin and the sand clinging to your feet on this beautiful summer day.


Suddenly, every worry washes away with each crash of a wave. The beach feels so real, you’ll never want to dig your toes out of the sand.


A video thumbnail showing a gorgeous waterfall against broad daylight.

Waterfall Powered by Emotion

Waterfall Powered by Emotion lets your positive thoughts lift you to the top of a beautiful waterfall. With peaceful music and guided relaxation, you easily let go of all the negativity holding you to the ground.

There is no vacation spot like Healium that could give you the opportunity to let your thoughts elevate you to the top of a waterfall.


When you’re floating up the waterfall, fear leaves your body and brings you freedom. As you begin to let go of what’s holding you down, you start to rise. Once you reach the top, you get a view of how far you’ve come.


It’s a beautiful visual of how letting go gives more opportunity and liberty to not live in the “what if’s.” During COVID-19 you may feel as if you’re trapped, in that case, this is a great story to immerse yourself into in order to feel free again. 

Dream Pool

Dream Pool Guided Mindfulness

Dream Pool Guided Mindfulness places you in a peaceful forest surrounded by towering trees, colorful toadstools, fireflies, a crystal clear pond overlooking a cliff, and a giant waterfall behind you.


This guided story helps you focus on your breathing and take in nature’s beauty. While being still, you focus on the ripples in the creek and the fish flawlessly moving through the water. 


The peaceful music and creek flowing allow you to gently escape and feel completely encompassed in tranquility. The Dream Pool gives your mind new creations to be in awe and keep the positive brain waves in action.


You’ll even find a delightful surprise towards the end of this experience. Be sure to watch the sky to find out. You’ll find yourself with an unexpected grin on your face.




Nebula is the vacation you couldn’t take even if you were able to leave your home. The only place you can experience floating through space in endless clouds of colorful dust and thousands of stars is through Healium.


With every steady breath taken, you propel forward into the midst of the Nebula. Using your imagination you feel the quality of the clouds, analyze the stars, and encompass yourself within the depth of the sky. 


As you float through space your mind fills with endless wonder. Just like the vast sky before you, the possibilities, dreams, and hopes are countless. The Nebula story is a perfectly unique virtual vacation experience. It’s ideal for experiencing something out of this world and quickly escaping to grab some virtual peace.


embrace the storm

Embrace the Storm Powered by Brain Patterns

Embracing the Storm is a lesson in powering through dark clouds. Seated next to a crackling fire, on a cabin porch in the middle of the country as it storms, also brings peace.


Listening to the soft rain hit the grass, the thunder rumble through the hills, and watching the lightning light up the sky is soothing. In this story, guided meditation encourages you to accept the dark times in life. Instead of trying to avoid them forever, we should take the opportunity to embrace the storm and allow it to brew until it eventually gives way.


The storm starts to let up, the clouds give way, the sun makes its appearance, the trees sprout leaves, the flowers bloom, the rainbow appears, and the birds begin to chirp with glee.


There’s beauty in the storm because after the storm comes the flowers and the rainbows. Taking this virtual vacation to the stormy cabin during COVID-19 is a perfect reminder that while the storm may be bad, we must endure it. Because when the sun comes back out that’s when we will receive our biggest blessings.



These are just a handful of the stories available on Healium’s virtual reality meditation app for Oculus Go. Stay tuned for a release for the Oculus Quest.


Currently, there are over 20 experiences with a new one added every 60 days for Healium Pro subscribers.


Written by Victoria Fisher
June 25th, 2020
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