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The Stories of Healium and How to Relieve Stress, Naturally

Because stress is an epidemic and the cause of 60% of all illness and disease according to the American Medical Association, the people who use Healium to relieve stress struggle with a variety of conditions from chronic pain, or external circumstances like going through a divorce to work stress to burnout.

Written by Sarah Hill
April 11th, 2020

The faces of Healium look a lot like you, your mom, your grandson, your husband, your coworker, and your boss.


There’s Raj Shah, a chronic pain patient who uses Healium to try to lower his blood pressure and pulse. 


And Michael Eanes, who is a recovered substance use disorder patient who spent decades incarcerated. He uses Healium to give him virtual peace. 


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Or Beth Omecene Epperson, a mother whose teenage daughter used Healium to ease her panic attack. 


Healium is used for several affected by disasters like the recent COVID-19 pandemic and during tornadoes in Nashville. The app is used by schools and youth centers who want to equip students with ways to self-regulate, manage stress,  and learn more about their mind-body connection, as well as those who are terminally ill and aging veterans who want to virtually visit their memorials. 


The faces are many but the common desire to relieve stress unites us all.


The stories you experience

A dream pool, looking at the reflection and seeing what is the next step. Tracing the pathway of a Mandalyth or using a positive memory to make flurries inside a magic snow globe. 


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Within five minutes, these seemingly abstract concepts and imaginary places become immersive experiences that help you relieve your stress.


Healium is based upon the power of immersive stories. Stories are how we learn and remember information. Inside the app, Healium guides you to use memories of happiness, calm, or focus to try to change your heart rate or brain pattern to meet a threshold where the experience changes.


Healium uses data-driven video stories that can be used in virtual reality and augmented reality devices like on your iPhone or Android. The goal is to create an experience that allows you to be fully enveloped in a sense of “presence” to lower your blood pressures and heart rate. In that state of presence and under a guided neuromeditation, you can learn how to shift your brainwaves from a stressed state to a relaxed state. 


Healium stories are made specifically to try to downshift your nervous system and boost brain patterns associated with calm, positivity and focus. Our patented technology is the “transmission” that powers immersive media with a feeling state. We create these 3D and 360-degree video and computer generated environments with game engine software and an array of up to 24 different cameras. 


Then, we stitch together the images in a sphere so the user is able to feel like they’re inside a bubble of video and see all the way around. We craft the stories in a way the user is able to control it with different feeling states.  


There are more than 20 immersive experiences on the Healium website that you’re invited to try out. No need for a full-on VR kit. Just watch the videos, follow the mediation and feel your stories. 


Pro tip: Watch the videos on your phone and move your device 360 degrees to give you the sensation you’re inside these beautiful scenes. 



Written by Sarah Hill
April 11th, 2020
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